Planchx Launch

Ethan Andersen, our principal architect at Drafting Cafe Architects, is proud to be launching Planchx to the world! Planchx is a new and marvelously helpful web app for anyone entering into the realm of building codes and plan checks. The app is quick and easy to use. So, what does it do? Planchx is a comprehensive plan check tool that provides all of the most relevant building codes for your project. Check it out at It’s like TSA Precheck for architectural plans.

As an added bonus for our customers, Drafting Cafe uses Planchx on every project it permits and is included in our Permit Drawings at no extra cost.

What’s the story behind the motivation to create Planchx?

“A thousand plan check comments into my career, I knew I wouldn’t last another thousand. I developed a rudimentary version of Planchx for my own office (and sanity) and was thrilled with the results. It allowed us to breeze through many plan checks without a single comment. I built Planchx to aid other architects and educate homeowners about the building codes that are essential to their projects.”

-Ethan Andersen

The process is simple…

STEP 1: Define the Scope of your project

STEP 2: Answer a list of project-specific questions

STEP 3: Incorporate Planchx code comments into your plans

Planchx can help you to save time and money by accelerating your permit drawings with the generation of project-specific building code comments. Planchx is simple enough for homeowners to use. We know how tedious and frustrating the process can be as you work towards a remodel or other architectural project. When everyone is given the tools for understanding, we all become more efficient and effective in communication.

Planchx allows users to complete a “10 Minute DIY Plan Check,” with which you can determine what building codes apply to your project in about 10 minutes. This feature is FREE and provides reference to code sections that are relevant to your project. Planchx also offers paid subscriptions that reveal expert interpretations of each code section and features that allow for simple implementation of those codes on architectural drawing sets.

For those interested in the service, check out the website for more information about Planchx details, pricing, and FAQs: Planchx is currently in closed beta testing, and is accepting beta testers of all types through the registration page.


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