Resolutions for Your Home

For many, a new year brings a restructuring of the mind, plans for development, and expectation for an improved version on one’s self. This year, in addition to focusing on your personal well-being, consider the ways your home could be improved. Whether for increased resale value or for your and your family’s security and comfort, below are some helpful questions and ideas to productively kick off 2019.

Check-in with yourself…what about your home causes you stress?Aesthetics & Quality

  • Style, Decór, & Color Palette
  • Wear & Tear
  • Dreary or Stark Lighting
  • Lack of Space or Storage


  • Custom Cabinets & Built-Ins
  • Fresh Paint and/or Trim
  • New Flooring, Countertops, Appliances, & Furniture
  • Track Lighting (Or consider a dimmer switch for ambiance versatility)
  • Build an addition (if you don’t have enough space, create it)

Function & Practicality

  • Noise Pollution
  • Insufficient Seating
  • Lack of Outdoor Dwelling Space
  • Insufficient Bathroom Space


  • Replace windows & doors for better sound-proofing
  • For additional seating:
    • Kitchen: Add an island or extended counter top for stools
    • Living Space: Consider an ottoman, window seating, or other creative ideas from this link: 8 Ways to Add More Seating to Your Room
    • Bathroom: Add a bathroom by redistributing space in your home or with an addition of square footage
    • Outdoor: Add a Deck, Porch, or Patio

Interior Design

For those of you struggling with interiors, we are happy to share that Drafting Cafe has an in-house Interior Designer. She can help transform your home while also minimizing the stress, time, and indecision that often accompany the process. Please reach out to us at Drafting Cafe if adding on our Interior Design services is of interest to you.

Green Building & Sustainability

  • If any of the above projects and renovations are spring-boarding you into action, you may also consider building “green”. The benefits go far beyond better energy usage. I’m sure you’ve heard the words “go green” and “sustainable practices” thrown around a bit much in recent years, but for good reason. Building with “green” materials can actually bring better health to your household.

The truth is that many common building materials used in residential homes can be harmful to respiratory health, brain health, and over-all well-being due to emitted toxins. When selecting paint for your walls, beware of VOCs (volatile organic compounds). As the paint dries, VOCs can cause symptoms such as headaches and dizziness as the chemicals are released into the air. Also consider using hardwood, concrete, or natural tile instead of laminate flooring or carpet (follow this link to learn about hazardous chemicals often used to treat carpet). It is important to note that once glues and adhesives are involved, harmful chemicals are often involved, as well.

Follow this link to learn more about Healthy Building Materials for within your home.

All-in-all…we encourage you to care about health this year. You and your home deserve some TLC and thoughtful improvement!


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