Alameda Addition and Kitchen Remodel

While the existing kitchen and dining room in this Berkeley home had plenty of space, the partition between the two rooms made the dining area much too large – while stifling the kitchen. Removing the partition allowed the kitchen to take over space it desparately needed. We’re proud that our client broke the mold and did not require the sink.Our homeowner had already done a wonderful job renovating the exterior of her Alameda craftsman home. Next on her list was to capture the basement space and remodel her kitchen. Because her foundation needed to be replaced and Alameda’s planning process made lifting her home a difficult proposition, we opted to excavate about two feet to achieve a comfortable ceiling height.


  • Kitchen Remodel
  • 830sf Addition
  • 2 New Bathrooms
  • Basement Conversion
  • 2 New Bedrooms
  • Laundry Room


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