Introducing Drafting Cafe Architects’ Design Packages

Is your home working for you? It may have suited you perfectly in the past, but your life and needs may have since changed, or your style has evolved. You may have purchased your home knowing that it would require updates and changes to become the home of your dreams.

The team of designers at Drafting Cafe Architects believes everyone deserves a home that is welcoming, comfortable, and functional. However, not every path to a remodel is created equal. When going the DIY route or bypassing the professional design process, a homeowner may encounter timeline disruptions, costly mistakes, or results that doesn’t look or function as intended. That’s why Drafting Cafe has created a new, simplified set of Design Packages to meet every design need.

Whether remodeling one room or adding on a whole new section to your house, the design packages at Drafting Cafe can give you the customized floor plan of your dreams within a fixed fee.

Simplified Design Packages for Home Remodels

Created for affordability and reliability, these packages are fixed fee and include support from a dedicated Project Manager. Your Project Manager is available to answer questions and address concerns as the design team works through challenges and comes up with the best, most efficient designs for your space.

Homeowners receive detailed designs that are ready to share with contractors; Drafting Cafe can also provide recommendations of local Bay Area contractors who can carry out the construction job. When given a design, contractors will be able to provide a cost estimate and timeline for the completion of the project.

Here are the packages described in more detail:

Espresso – This is the most basic design package. Get design plans for a remodeled kitchen, bathroom, or another room, up to 500 square feet. Up to two bathrooms may be included. This design package is solely for interior remodels, so no exterior changes (such as exterior doors or windows) are included.

Macchiato – This design package offers flexibility of choice. You can receive design plans for either an interior renovation between 500-1,000 square feet, a new addition under 500 square feet, or a kitchen and bathroom remodel. Exterior changes, such as doors and windows, are included in the Macchiato package.

Cappuccino – If you need either a small addition (up to 500 square feet) or a renovation with both interior and exterior changes (up to 2,500 square feet) then our Cappuccino may be the package for you. All exterior changes – including doors, windows, and more – are included in the Cappuccino package.

Latte – For larger home additions and renovations, choose the Latte package. You will receive customized designs for additions up to 1,000 square feet, including new second stories or two story additions, as well as extensive interior renovation up to 2,500 square feet. Kitchens, bathrooms, and all exterior changes are included in the Latte package.

With these simplified, straightforward, and affordable architectural design packages, Bay Area homeowners can be one step closer to the beautiful, functional home of their dreams.


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