Add Space With a Home Lift or Basement Dig

Lifting a home to build a new basement living space may seem unusual, but it is actually a fairly common procedure. Basement excavations are especially common in regions with older homes and small lot sizes, such as the San Francisco Bay area. The additional space you need for that home office, in-law suite, or craft room may be under your current home.

Reasons for a Basement Excavation

If you want to add space to your existing home and cannot add onto the main floor a home lift or basement excavation could be the answer.

In the San Francisco Bay Area, many older homes are on small lots with little room for expansion. Craftsman and Edwardian-style homes often have unused space under the home that can provide more room without having to move to a larger home.

Some people want (or need) to add home offices to their existing house, as many people are now working from home almost exclusively. You may want to add an in-law suite or rental unit. Others want a roomier living space for entertaining and everyday life. The possibilities are nearly endless when you think of all the possible square footage you can gain beneath your home.

In areas outside the Bay Area, homes are lifted to prevent flood or tidal surge damage in coastal areas.

Is It Safe to Lift My Home?

We have designed for many home lifts Successfully in the Bay Area. Before getting started, your architect will design for the space beneath your home and consult specialists to assure there is no damage to your home. Supports are added to keep your house secure until it is lowered back down onto its foundation. It’s important to work with a builder that has experience working on home lifts or basement excavations.

Should I Excavate Instead?

This is an individual question. It will depend on your lot egress, soil, desired use, and budget. This is why it is so important to work with an experienced architect that is familiar with your area and this process. You need to consider dirt removal and disposal, grading, and other details that bay area architects familiar with basement “dig-outs” can help you weigh your options during the design stage so there are no surprises.

Find a Trusted Bay Area Architecture Firm

Before construction begins, it’s important to work with an architect who is experienced in basement excavations and home lifts. They can work with you to provide plans that meet your needs while also preserving the structural integrity of your home.

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