Great Ways to Convince Your Spouse to Remodel Your Home

You might know that remodeling your home offers some great benefits, but your spouse might not be on board. How can you get your significant other to agree on doing a kitchen remodel or another type of remodeling project? No matter how stubborn your spouse is, the following reasons might help them come around to appreciating the benefits of remodeling.

Talk About Home Value

You and your spouse might not be planning to put your home on the market right now, but what about the future? It’s never too early to work on boosting the value of your home. Making changes to it now means you will have a higher home value, which can help you get higher bids from interested homebuyers. Let your spouse know that doing a bathroom remodel or upgrading your kitchen are effective ways to raise the value of your home, since these are the areas that tend to get the most focus from buyers.

Discuss Return on Investment (ROI)

If your spouse’s main objection to remodeling is the cost involved, let them know that you can recoup all or most of these costs with the right projects. Certain remodeling projects come with a high return on investment (ROI), such as minor or major kitchen and bathroom remodels. This means when you put your home on the market, you’re likely to get a good portion of those remodeling costs right back thanks to a higher selling price. As an example, you can expect to recoup about 77 percent of the cost for a midrange minor kitchen remodel or roughly 64 percent of the cost for a midrange bathroom remodel.

Start Small

Your spouse might be reluctant to agree to a major remodeling project, but what about a smaller one? Smaller remodeling projects might involve making a few simple changes to a certain part of your home. While these might not seem like much, they can have a dramatic impact on the way a room looks and feels. If you have a spouse who doesn’t want to deal with a major remodel, consider going with a smaller one. For example, think about having new cupboards installed in your kitchen instead of having the entire layout changed. Your spouse might be more willing to agree to a minor remodeling project. If this goes smoothly, you might have an easier time convincing them to do a major project at some point.

Hire Experienced Professionals

Your spouse might not want to have remodeling done if they’re worried about being inconvenienced or having to deal with potential headaches. Let your spouse know that you can avoid remodeling drama by working with experienced professionals. At Drafting Cafe Architects, we offer a Design-to-Build approach that helps ensure a smooth remodeling experience that favors homeowners rather than builders. You and your spouse can count on us to stay in touch with you throughout your remodeling project and provide you with details about the work we’re doing. Whether you’re considering remodeling your kitchen or doing a home addition, we can help.

If you’re ready to get started on your kitchen remodel project or any other remodeling project, contact Drafting Cafe Architects for a free online instant estimate. Our architects can help you come up with the best design for enhancing your home.



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