Functional Ways You Can Remodel Your Small Kitchen

Homeowners start the kitchen remodeling process for a wide variety of reasons. One of the most common reasons, however, has to do with size.

If your kitchen seems too small and cramped, you can consider removing a wall to expand into other areas of your home. You can also increase your kitchen’s square footage by adding on a breakfast nook or even an entire new room.   

If these options are impossible or undesirable, there are still plenty of things that a skilled architect or interior designer can give you to provide extra breathing room in your kitchen. Here are just a few ways to make the absolute most of your limited kitchen square footage with a beautiful remodel.

Pare Down Cabinets and Shelving with Fixtures

When you bought that bread maker you thought you’d use it all the time, but it has sat unused at the back of your cabinet for the past decade. You can probably say the same for any number of kitchen appliances. And do you really need all that extra cookware and flatware? By reconfiguring your cabinets and shelving to reflect your actual storage needs, you can open up a tremendous amount of space in your kitchen. A kitchen that limits storage areas to absolute essentials also creates an incredibly pleasing minimalist aesthetic.

Get Creative with Storage Areas

An effective kitchen remodel will make the most of every nook and cranny that your kitchen has to offer. With the help of a good architect or interior designer,  you can discover space that you didn’t even know that you had. Consider designs that add extra cabinets above a window and fill the space above your cooking range with shelves or cubbies.

Organize an Effective Galley Kitchen

A kitchen with a long and narrow layout that has storage space and counters on one or both sides of an open central area, known as a galley kitchen, is a great way to make efficient use of limited space. Although galley-style kitchens have developed a negative reputation for having a lack of ergonomic cooking prep space you can still create a kitchen that is not only exceptionally beautiful but highly functional.

Build Up Rather Than Out

When you have limited square footage to work with, installing cabinets to the ceiling is a great option for adding extra storage space while reducing overall clutter. Reaching the items that you store in those cabinets, however, can be a real problem. Rather than relying on a bulky stepladder that must be regularly accessed and requires storage space of its own, consider designing your kitchen remodel with a sleek rolling ladder feature. These rolling ladders not only make reaching items on high shelves a breeze, but they can make an interesting and stylish addition to your décor.

Get the Help of a Skilled Professional

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