Must Have Luxurious Trends For Your Bathroom Remodeling Project

Making upgrades to your bathroom from time to time is a great way to boost your home’s value while also ensuring that you have a stylish and comfortable place to get ready for the day. Consider using a few of the latest trends for your bathroom remodel.

Wet Rooms

Wet rooms feature a completely waterproof design that provides you with more interior design options. For example, you can use stone or concrete materials in this type of bathroom to give it a more rustic or upscale appearance. A wet room can also help you save on space, since you can have a shower with a small or partial enclosure installed rather than bulky doors.

Toilet with a Built-in Bidet

Having a bidet provides you with a more convenient way to keep clean. This is one of the latest bathroom trends is luxury toilets featuring a built-in bidet. When choosing one of these for your bathroom, keep in mind that some offer special features, such as heating the toilet seat or playing music – yes, really! Your architectural designer will need to know about this feature as this requires an electrical outlet on the wall below your toilet which is not a common electrical element.


When you’re comparing bathroom countertop material options, consider choosing marble. This material is among the more recent trends for bathroom remodels. Marble countertops provide bathrooms with a touch of elegance and a timeless appeal while also giving you a durable surface that isn’t vulnerable to cracks and heat damage.

Cabinets and Vanities

Cabinets and vanities with a floating design are among the latest styles for bathrooms. These designs can give bathrooms a more spacious appearance while also providing plenty of storage space. Floating cabinets and vanities hang off the wall rather than reaching the floor, which opens up space underneath.

Tile Styles

The latest bathroom tile styles feature tiles in a wide range of visually appealing shapes, such as arabesque, chevron, and hexagon shapes. These styles can be used to adorn bathroom backsplashes, wall and ceiling accents, and shower walls. Tile can add a lux designer touch to any bathroom, especially when you work with an experienced interior design professional to tie it into your complete design.


Recent bathtub trends favor freestanding tubs with a deeper design, which offers a more comfortable and luxurious soaking environment. Japanese soaking tubs are among the designs in demand, especially for those with smaller bathrooms. These rounded tubs take up less space than traditional tubs.


What kind of flooring material should you choose for your bathroom? Recent trends for bathrooms include wood planks and travertine. Wood planks provide an organic look and feel to bathrooms, while travertine adds a warm look. Options can include tile that looks like wood, but in fact is non-slip and easy to clean.

Body Sprays

Body sprays provide a feeling of being in a gentle rain shower. These sprays also help create a spa-like environment in bathrooms for added luxury and comfort. Multi-body sprays that spray water horizontally are among the options to consider if you want to add this feature to your bathroom. Again, your designer needs to know this plan in advance so they can add all the plumbing elements for your contractor. Adding this later may cost time and money.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel thinking about all the design trends you want in advance is important. That’s why working with a firm like Drafting Cafe Architects is so easy. We counsel you on these possibilities and have an interior designer on staff to help you plan ahead for materials and features. Contact us for a Free Estimate and learn more about our services. We can assist you in using the latest bathroom trends for your remodel and create the ideal look and environment for your bathroom oasis.


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