Pandemic Pitfalls for Your Home Remodel – What You Need to Know

Preparation is an important part of a successful remodel. If you’ve remodeled your home before, you already know some of what this entails. Listing your remodeling goals, making a budget, scanning through magazines for ideas, working with a successful design firm to create a plan – these are all normal steps in the path to creating a home remodeling plan. 

However, like so many things, the steps to remodeling have changed a little since the start of the pandemic. Knowing what to expect and how to prepare can help you as you get started. 

Interview Many Contractors

It was important before the start of the pandemic to interview several contractors before hiring the right one for you. That’s even more important today because the best home remodeling and design build contractors are booked out months in advance. Plan to start interviewing contractors well ahead of time, especially if you have a firm remodeling deadline. Cast a wide net, and expect to wait after hiring. 

Expect COVID Cleaning Fees

Many contractors provide COVID cleaning services during the project or after, especially if your project takes place indoors and in your house. Expect to see COVID cleaning fees on your itemized bid. If you don’t, ask your contractor about their plan for keeping your space safe and sanitized. Be wary of contractors who don’t have a definite answer to these questions – at this point, every home remodeling contractor should have a satisfactory plan in place. 

Get Ready Early

While the best contractors are now booked out for months in advance, plans can change if there’s a sudden cancellation. Work with your design build service to get your drawings ready as early as possible, so you can take any time slots that open up unexpectedly. The design process usually involves a consultation at the beginning, and then a few follow up conversations as sketches start to come in. Staying on top of this process can help ensure you’ll be fully prepared if your contractor comes available. 

New international tariffs and COVID shutdowns have made material backorders common. Choose your materials as soon as possible and order them quickly to avoid delays. 

Hold Your Place With a Deposit

While some contractors saw a dip in demand for services when the pandemic began, others saw demand for their services increase. The market has also become more volatile since the start of the pandemic, with some homeowners canceling their remodels suddenly after waiting for weeks. 

Your contractor may ask you to put down a deposit to hold your place in line, even if it’s far in advance. Before putting your money down, sign a contract that outlines your contractor’s cancellation policies. Read the contract thoroughly and only sign when you feel comfortable. 

Hire a Project Management Team 

What’s the best way to kick off a home remodeling project? Hire a project management team like Drafting Cafe Architects design-to-build service. We provide interior design, ADU plans and full service design-to build remodeling management, providing everything from drawings to plans, permitting and construction support throughout the entire building process. Call Drafting Cafe Architects to get started today. 


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