Compare Kitchen Remodeling Costs For Your Project

Budgeting is an important part of remodeling your kitchen in the Bay Area. Knowing how much your kitchen remodel will cost and what can be done to help increase ROI, if that is a priority for you, is an important part of your initial planning. Even if money is not a major concern, knowing how much you can expect your remodel to cost will help keep costs from getting way out of line. It’s easy to do if you are dreaming and not realistic.

What Factors Affect Kitchen Remodel Cost?

Kitchen remodels are all unique, depending on what’s being remodeled or replaced and whether the focus is on high-end installation and replacement or mid-range reuse, recycle. Changes being made, cost of materials, contractor costs and condition of the property are all factors that can make a big difference.

What’s Included in a Minor Remodel?

When a contractor or designer talks about a minor kitchen remodel, below are the kind of changes you can expect them to make:

• Keep the cabinet boxes, but replace the cabinet doors and drawer fronts
• Replace countertops
• Install new flooring
• Replace cooktop/oven and refrigerator
• Replace sink and faucet
• Paint walls, ceiling and trim

The materials used may be quality, but not top-of-the line. Cost-saving measures like a replacement of the doors and drawers (keeping cabinet boxes) help make this type of remodel affordable for households on a budget.

What’s Included in a Major Remodel?

When a contractor or designer talks about a major kitchen remodel, below are the kind of changes you can expect them to make:

  • Change the layout – moving walls – to improve functionality
  • Install new backsplash
  • Replace appliances, some may be built-in
  • Install new cabinets (semi-custom or custom)
  • Installation of custom lighting including task lighting and undermount
  • Replace countertops
  • Installation of or replacement of kitchen island
  • Replace sink, faucets and water filtration system

Depending on whether the remodel is midrange or upscale, features may be designer, top-of-the line, or mid to high-end. Imported materials and custom features can dramatically increase costs for a remodel of this type. 

What Else Impacts Kitchen Remodel Cost in the Bay Area?

Some remodels just cost a lot more than others. Changes that can dramatically increase costs include:

  • Changing the floor plan
  • Increasing the size
  • Adding on to the house, changing the foundation
  • Updating infrastructure – older homes

Want to reduce your utility costs with new, updated appliances? Older homes often need new dedicated circuits to be installed before a new appliance can be installed. While energy-efficient appliances can save money, they tend to cost more up front. You will need to follow current building codes which are unavoidable costs which includes permitting costs

Minor Vs. Major Kitchen Remodel Costs

If you’re concerned about ROI, the best value usually comes from minor, mid-range kitchen remodels. With this type of remodel, you can recover almost 100% of your costs when you sell. Major remodels have lower ROI because the up front costs are so much greater.

Minor Kitchen Remodel (Midrange) Job Cost: $30,500 (94% ROI) 

Major Kitchen Remodel (Midrange) Job Cost: $83,400 (73% ROI) 

Major Kitchen Remodel (Upscale) Job Cost: $163,700 (70% ROI)

Plan An Affordable Remodel

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