Bathroom Remodel Ideas – Now That We’ve Been Staying Home Together

With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, your bathrooms are probably getting much more use than usual with everyone home all the time. This situation might have you thinking about a bathroom remodel that is more functional rather than trendy. Consider the following ideas if you’re looking for ways to improve the bathrooms in your home.

Wear and Tear Prevention

With you and your family using your bathrooms more often, it’s important to make sure they can hold up well to daily wear and tear. This might mean having older or less durable fixtures, such as cabinets made of particleboard, replaced with materials that will last longer. Having durable cabinets and other fixtures means you won’t need to replace them sooner than expected, have them refinished or repaired.

When you’re considering bathroom remodel options, you should also plan for maintenance. Surfaces in your bathrooms should be as easy to clean as possible. Fixtures that have a lot of detailed surfaces, such as heavily carved designs on cabinet doors, easily collect grime and dirt. These kinds of surfaces are also harder to clean overall. Choose smoother bathroom surfaces for easier maintenance.

Usage Improvements

The current situation offers a great opportunity to stress-test how you and your family are using the bathrooms in your home. You might notice that your bathrooms are ending up messier than before due to being too small for all of that extra use. You might discover that you could use another bathroom, even if it’s just a half-bathroom, to help cut down on messes while also ensuring that everyone is able to use these rooms as often as needed.

Depending on your current setup, you might need to look into adding space to at least one of your bathrooms. If you only have one bathroom or too few bathrooms overall, you might explore your options for having one added.

Improved Efficiency and Safety

Being at home all the time now might have you thinking about ways to improve bathroom safety and efficiency. For example, most building codes require GFI safety outlets installed if your home is older in order to reduce the risk of electrical shocks. If your bathrooms don’t have fans, you need these installed for improved ventilation.

You might be dealing with higher water bills with everyone being home. To bring these bills down and improve bathroom efficiency, you might look into having energy-efficient fixtures installed, such as low-flow toilets, sinks, and shower heads. These changes can significantly reduce your water usage, even with everyone home.

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