Best Designer Features For A Stunning And Functional Kitchen Remodel

Embarking on the task of designing a kitchen that is both functional and attractive can be daunting. One can quickly become overwhelmed with the various options available and decisions that must be made.

These top six kitchen design features are utilitarian yet aesthetically pleasing. Each is intended to increase the value of the kitchen. Inadequate storage and wasted space can render any area of a home impractical.

These design areas bring sophistication and practicality to any kitchen.

Sink: Gadgets Increase Value and Usefulness

Sinks are a kitchen essential, but today’s modern kitchen sink comes with various gadgets like prep bowls, strainers, and cutting boards, lending a more functional kitchen. Choose a sink that has the features you require and allows you to tend to the tasks at hand whether you are rinsing vegetables from your garden or preparing a gourmet meal.

Vent Hood: Customized for Your Decor

A vent hood eliminates grease, steam, and cooking odors from the air while you are cooking. While that is necessary, it can be an eyesore. It is typically plain and glaringly oppositional to the aesthetics of the kitchen. There are custom vent hoods available that are not only beautiful, they will correspond to the style of your kitchen.

Island: Versatility and Function Meet Style and Convenience

A carefully chosen kitchen island is a practical and convenient addition to most kitchen spaces. It can create additional storage and counter space as well as additional seating for meals. The versatility in design options provides almost limitless choices based on your individual needs.

Storage: Logical and Tailored to Fit Your Space

There’s are many components to kitchen storage that extend far beyond adding some cabinets. Features that allow you to organize the inside of your cabinets and drawers optimize your storage space. Stored items are within easy reach and cabinets are organized. Pullout shelves and drawers provide easy access and clear away clutter.

Lighting: Functional and Layered

The kitchen is one areas of the home that requires exceptional lighting, but layered lighting provides flexibility. The kitchen is often the hub of a home. Lighting should be appropriate for the space and task. By choosing layered lighting you can easily control the mood and function of the area.

Appliances: High Quality with Relevant Features

High quality appliances are a must in any kitchen. The oven, stove, refrigerator, and other appliances can turn an ordinary kitchen into a striking showpiece. It is an investment that will provide value for years to come.  Choose brands like Sub-Zero, Miele, and Thermador for optimal performance. High end appliances will operate more effectively and efficiently, require less maintenance, and last longer so opting for quality is essential.

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