Open Floor Plan Storage – Best Practices to Keep Things Hidden

Having an open floor plan provides your home with a lighter feel and look. This kind of design also creates a cleaner flow throughout your house. However, this type of home renovation has one notable drawback. Open floor plans cut down on storage spaces in homes. Keep the following storage ideas in mind for your home.

WiFi Router and Modem

Your WiFi router and modem should be in the center of your home. This location helps ensure that your entire home has a strong WiFi signal. However, an open floor plan can make it hard to hide these devices from view. Consider placing them behind books or other items on open shelves in the central part of your home. Avoid storing them inside a cabinet or box, since they can become overheated.


When you have kids, toys can easily end up all over your home. Keeping them tidy means having a place to store them. Consider having a built-in storage bench or window seat installed as part of your open floor plan. These storage places provide hidden areas where toys can be put away each day. Your kids can also get to them with ease when they’re ready to play again.

Off-season Items

Boots, coats, and other off-season items can take up a lot of room in your home. However, you don’t have to worry about having piles of off-season items around. Instead, consider having cabinets built under your stairs for storage. This area offers a convenient place to keep off-season items that aren’t being used. You can also have shelving installed under your stairs to store these items. If your floor plan has alcoves, these can also be used for storage. Place a wardrobe cabinet in an alcove or have some shelves built into it to hold these items.

Kitchen Items

Open floor plans might mean having fewer cabinets and cupboards for storage. Where can you keep pots, pans, cooking utensils, food storage containers, and other items? Consider having a kitchen island built. This provides your kitchen with extra storage space for these items. You can have cupboards built into the island. You’ll also have extra surface space for preparing food.

Shoes and Purses

You don’t necessarily have to keep these items hidden. Having a place to store them out of sight can make your home seem more organized, though. Consider having a built-in storage bench placed close to the entry of your home. This bench provides handy storage for purses, shoes, gloves, hats, and similar items. With this storage in place, your entry way won’t look cluttered.

Miscellaneous Items

Where can you store odds and ends in homes with open floor plans? Instead of cluttering up a drawer in your kitchen, consider having open shelves installed. You can have these shelves built next to doorways or even above them. Keep your miscellaneous items stored in decorative boxes and bins on these shelves.

If you’re planning a home renovation with an open floor plan, Drafting Cafe Architects is here to help. Please contact us today for a free estimate. if you’re looking into an ADU for a rental or downsized home, consider our Medium Roast ADU. With vaulted ceilings providing more space, you’ll have plenty of room to use clever storage ideas.


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