Love Your Small Laundry Room

It’s important to have a functional laundry room in your home – especially if you’re a parent with small children. If your home lacks a functional laundry room, or if your current design just isn’t working for you, that can be fixed! Working with an architectural designer and a capable builder, you can have a laundry room that almost makes doing laundry fun. Below, we’ve listed some of the most important steps of the designing process.  

The Best Small Laundry Room Location

Where would you like to be doing your laundry? Is it better to have a laundry room near your bedrooms? Or would you prefer to build an addition on your first floor? And, if you’d like to put your laundry room on a floor that’s separate from your bedrooms, would you like a laundry chute to make transporting laundry easier? You get to pick.

It’s helpful to locate your laundry room close your plumbing to potentially save money and headaches during the construction process. The farther away from your plumbing, the more invasive your laundry renovation will be – and the more expensive. Proper ventilation also needs to be planned which contributes to your choice of location.

Space & Function

Regardless where you sort and fold shelves and cabinets with adequate storage are a must. You will want to discuss your storage needs with your architect or designer in advance.

Knowing the type of appliances you want may dictate whether you can choose floor-level cabinets with countertop space or upper cabinets. If you are converting a closet, stackable units could be a good solution.

Insulate Your Family From Noise

Washers and dryers can vibrate and make other loud noises, depending on your settings (and what you’re cleaning). Shielding your family from the noise can help you get rest at night or help your baby sleep during the day.

Ask your contractor about insulating to keep noise from reaching your living areas. The location you choose can also help with this. Work with your architect to find a place in your house where your laundry room will cause the least disruption. 

Double-duty Space

Many homes can double your room’s utility by pairing it with other short function rooms. Combining with a mudroom and powder roos make your laundry room useful for more than just laundry. You can get more than a single use with stylish cabinets, covers, or choosing fashion-colored appliances.

Getting Help

Sometimes what seems easy needs a professional to help integrate into your remodeling plan. Contact Drafting Cafe to discuss your remodeling project. It’s always better to get a professional opinion.


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