How to Design an Entertainment-Ready Kitchen

As you entertain guests at your home, your kitchen serves as a central hub for all the action. If it’s not entertainment-ready, your party could come to a grinding halt as guests pack into that space. Thankfully, you can change all that by putting entertainment at the forefront of the design for your kitchen remodel. Here are some tips to help you get started.  

Make Room to Mingle

The kitchen serves as the best place to mingle while preparing drinks, dinner, and dessert. Even those who aren’t helping make the meal are often socializing in or around the space.

You can give everyone room to interact seamlessly with an open concept kitchen design. With this layout, the kitchen space flows into the dining room, living room, or other areas of the home without barriers getting in the way of the fun. You can also use color to your advantage to keep the spaces well-defined, yet smoothly integrated.

Add Multiple Prep Stations

If you are lucky to have many chefs in your home, you will want space for each to prep and contribute to the meal. This includes having different areas of counter space and possibly multiple sinks. Consider each of these a work station that may have unique needs.

Each station will require task lighting, at least one outlet in reach, and the right work surface for the job at hand. If you bake, you can also integrate heavy appliances like mixers into the lower cabinetry where they can be lifted into place for use.

Integrate Flexible Spaces

You cannot always anticipate how you’ll use your kitchen space, so be sure to integrate flexible spaces into your design as well. Your kitchen island, for example, can be a multi-tier design. With this option, you can use it as a prep space, serving spot, and dining area with just a few small changes.

You can also consider putting in a low side cabinet that acts as a serving space during parties and a laptop desk during the day. With plenty of flex spaces included in your design, you can easily go from daily life to big parties.

Mount Cabinets Up High

When entertaining often, you need the right cooking tools, serving dish sets, and table setting supplies for each occasion. Unfortunately, that can lead to a massive amount of clutter. So, to make sure you have enough storage while still improving your kitchen design, consider putting in tall, ceiling-height cabinets.

By mounting cabinets high up on the walls, you can boost your storage area and make the space look much larger. Just make sure to keep your lesser-used items on the upper shelves. Also, don’t forget to have a sturdy step-stool on hand.  

Entrust the Job to an Architect for Kitchen Remodel Perfection

If you’re ready to reimagine your kitchen for hosting, tap into the endless possibilities with help from experienced architectural designers, like Drafting Cafe Architects. We will help you come up with excellent entertainment-ready kitchen designs.


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