The Best Architectural Firms in the Bay Area

Drafting Cafe Architects has been named one of the best residential architectural firms in Union City, California. Without a doubt, DCA sets a higher standard for unique styles with several design-to-build options not typical in the area. The firm, founded in 2010, focuses on design, construction, quality, efficiency, and sustainability for clients throughout the Bay Area.

Customized Approach

As a design-build pro with a mindset for producing signature styles, DCA founder Ethan Andersen has successfully created a business distinctive from other architectural firms. From early on, he understood that the need to focus on a personalized approach for homeowners. As a result, Andersen and his team built DCA’s foundation on facilitating, not dictating, architectural services for clients. In particular, this individualized approach has been a significant portion of the team’s architectural offerings throughout the years.

Drawings with Depth

Most importantly, every residential project starts with a dream, a plan, and drawings that bring it all together. DCA takes pride in providing modern drawings for projects of all types. Consequently, our ADU plans are not the industry norm. They highlight an array of living options that work for various residential needs. As a result, clients enjoy seeing exactly what they have envisioned with our custom-designed and organized packages.

Beauty and Functionality

Furthermore, through customized drawings, DCA has a reputation for turning dreams into reality. They offer vision, dedication, and a deep understanding of customer needs. DCA’s design-to-build options make things smooth for clients by taking the complications out of the process. Particularly, the team handles the entire process, from picking out the materials that make the design work, such as paint, tile, and other structural items. They also work directly on behalf of the customer to ensure that the builder has everything to deliver the best final product.

A Different Kind of Architectural Firm

To stand apart from the crowd, DCA offers architectural services unique to the Bay Area. From structural engineering to innovative configurations, their intricate detail and personalized service stand out from the competition. California has its own set of nuances, and it takes expertise to walk homeowners through the planning and building process. For homeowners looking to get a specific result, working with an experienced design team like DCA is essential.

Remodeling Projects

No doubt, kitchen and bathroom remodeling are part of our portfolio. However, because kitchens are a focal point in the home, it can be challenging to add a style that is also functional. With this in mind, our team keeps things modern while using all available space. Our skilled team keeps your goals and dreams at the forefront to ensure our designs are everything the customer wants and infused with everything they didn’t know they needed.

Creating and executing unique architectural design takes skill and expertise. Working with almost every municipality on different projects throughout the Bay Area, the DCA team sets a high standard on all projects. Contact an associate at Drafting Cafe Architects today for more information on our work performed by our Bay Area architects.


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