4 Important Home Remodeling Steps You Could Be Forgetting

If you’re thinking about a home remodeling project in the near future, have you considered how long it takes? What will your construction schedule look like? Whether you’re thinking about making changes to your home or adding an accessory dwelling such as an in-law unit, knowing how that process will affect your life while construction is happening makes it easier to plan for the work.

Consider Your Timeline

The building process can often take weeks to months. It depends on the complexity and size of the home remodeling project. The easiest way to take the guesswork out of the process and avoid surprises is by working with an experienced project manager. This person is someone who has worked in the industry and knows how the timing of construction projects works. But what’s involved in the whole process? 

The Home Remodeling Process

To start, you’ll need to think about what you want to change or add. Are you making changes to your entire existing home? Will that call for you to move out for a long period of time? Are you adding on to your home? This can affect some areas of your home. But it does leave it fairly livable except for short periods of time. These differences don’t directly affect the construction schedule. But they can affect whether you can stay in your home while the changes are taking place.

Once you’ve chosen the basics, start consulting with an architectural design firm. They’ll take your ideas and turn them into a solid design. Architects not only create what you want but also make suggestions and catch possible issues in your plan. This process takes your first ideas and designs and turns them into a concrete, functional design. They’ll also create blueprints that should meet or exceed code rules for your area.

Obtaining Construction Permits

After you’ve approved the design, the permitting process starts. Either you, your design firm, or your contractor will apply for a building permit. At this point, your plans are checked, and any last-minute changes are made. All of this happens before the first board is cut or panel hung in your home. You should include these steps in your planning so that you are not kept out of your home any longer than needed. However, as you wait, you may want to begin packing away special or valuable items to a safe part of the house, storage unit, or temporary living quarters. This helps you avoid damage to your belongings.

Home Remodeling Begins

With your permit approved, your home remodel process can begin. Your project manager will give you a construction schedule. An experienced manager will add more time to the project schedule than may be needed. This allows space for common delays that can happen in material delivery, building, or inspections. Your project manager will act as your guide through the process, making it easier to follow. They will keep you informed of any delays beyond what they have prepared for and let you know when you need to make a decision that affects construction as soon as possible.

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