Home Remodeling Details No One Tells You About

When you’re working on a home renovation, the cost to build is an important part of your decision. But even though you may have considered a lot of the issues that may be important, there are some details you may not have thought about. Your builder will need to know details that will impact construction time and quality. What are these factors? Here’s a quick look to get you started.

Money Matters

The budget details: What’s part of the main build and what are considered extras that are not included in the estimate? By knowing which parts of the remodel fall under the cost to build versus extra costs, you’ll be able to better plan for your overall total.

Design and Plan Issues

Architectural drawings: Did you know that you need to have multiple sets of your remodel’s drawings? Your builder may need one or more sets, the architect may hold onto another and your building department may require a third.

Style preferences for design: There’s a ton of choices you’ll need to make during your remodel. Flooring, trim molding, doorknobs, light switches: all of these items and more can be selected to reflect your personal style. These are decisions that architects don’t make, but will need to be decided as building is taking place. These small decisions are often overlooked and can hold up the process when you don’t have a project manager helping prepare you.

Design issues: Will that drawer open fully next to your oven? Are the glass cabinet doors stylish or will your china look messy? Will the picture windows in the new master suite be an issue for privacy? These type of issues need to be thought through in advance to avoid costly change orders and delays.

Personal Style

Bathroom details: There are a lot of options available for your bathroom fixtures. What kind of toilet do you want – basic or one with a built in bidet? Do you want a vessel or drop-in sink? What about faucets: one handle or two? These seem like small details, but they can make a big difference on your remodel’s appearance and how your builder preps the space.

Tile patterns: If you want something beyond a simple layout, the tile pattern you choose can impact the cost. When tiles are mixed together or placed at angles, more cuts may be required, which requires more labor. It can also require more material. Some tile looks great in the showroom, but together don’t work. Take time to bring samples home.

Auxiliary lighting: Lights don’t have to only be where you would expect them. Do you want lighting in your closets? What about tray lighting for high ceilings or niches? Deciding where you want sconces located is also important. What style of lighting looks good throughout your home?

Though this seems like a lot of issues to deal with, a project manager can take some of the stress off of you. Drafting Cafe Architects is the perfect remodel architect, designer, and project manager, making it easy for you to get exactly what you want without having to deal with frustrating details. Please feel free to contact us today with any questions on starting your project.


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