Benefits of a Bathroom Addition for Your Home

Adding a bathroom is one of the most common reasons homeowners create an addition to their homes. Bathrooms are extremely functional spaces. Without the right number of them to suit your family, creating the perfect home is nearly impossible. You might consider a bathroom addition if you have kids you’d like to have their own space. Or, perhaps, you’re looking for an easier time hosting guests and entertaining. No matter the reason, a bathroom addition is a great option. Plus, bathroom additions are one of the most valuable home improvement projects homeowners can undertake to maximize property value. It’s no wonder bathroom additions are one of the most common home addition choices. The multifaceted array of benefits to adding an extra bathroom to your home is hard to beat.

Create a Bathroom Addition or Remodel Your Current Bathroom? 

Any home improvement project is an investment from the homeowners. This means ensuring your budget goes towards renovations and additions that will function best for your family is essential. You may be deciding between renovating an existing bathroom or adding a new one to your home. The best way to decide the best option for you is to evaluate the current functionality of your home bathrooms.

Do you frequently find yourself waiting for another family member to finish up in the bathroom? Do you get annoyed with kid messes in the master bathroom, and wish the kids had their own, more kid-friendly space? Maybe you’re lacking a functional bathroom in your main living space for dinner guests to use. Or, you just lack a dedicated guest bathroom. These are all signs you may want to consider a bathroom addition instead of a renovation.

Perhaps you have a half bath you’d like to make a full bathroom by adding a tub or shower. Another example would be if you want to convert a restroom to be accessible for young children, older adults, or family members, or guests with disabilities. Regardless, evaluating your current bathroom setup can help you decide the best way to add value to your home. 

Benefits of a Bathroom Addition

You Will Increase Your Home’s Value 

It’s important to note the different benefits a bathroom renovation and bathroom addition have on your home value. According to a study conducted by, the addition of a full bathroom increased the resale value of the home by 5.7% or an average of $18,000. A bathroom renovation, on the other hand, increased resale value by a lesser but still substantial average of 3.7%. This came to an average of an $11,000 increase in the sale amount of the home in the surveyed projects. Both renovations and additions undoubtedly add value to a home. However, the extra time and funding needed for a full addition pay off in increased property value and resale benefits.

A Bathroom Addition Opens Door to Improving Accessibility

An often-overlooked benefit of bathroom addition projects is their ability to improve accessibility for homeowners and their families. In the past, en suite bathrooms, or bathrooms located adjacent to a bedroom, were common only in master bedrooms. Other residents of the home would use a shared or main bathroom.

A new trend in home renovations is to include en suite bathrooms in more than just the master bedroom or guest suite. An en suite bathroom adds safety to a home. This is something many homeowners don’t consider when thinking of their current home renovation needs, but often wish they had, either in their current family situation or for the future. En suite bathrooms remove the need to leave the bedroom area in the middle of the night and navigate a darkened home to use the bathroom. For families with small children or members that have difficulties with mobility, improved accessibility is an especially valuable benefit of en suite bathrooms.

Accommodate Guests More Easily

Yet another reason many homeowners pursue a bathroom addition is to make their homes more accommodating for guests. Parents, friends, and family from out of town, and even just dinner guests only staying for the evening can all benefit from the increased functionality a bathroom addition adds to a home. Take the opportunity to turn a spare bedroom into a full-fledged guest suite. Alternatively, adding a well-designed main bathroom addition to a living area or dining space will serve your family well on a daily basis as well as when guests are present.

You Will Improve Privacy

As your children get older, they start to become unique individuals that value having their own spaces to call their own. Bathroom renovations can decrease the need for multiple children or family members sharing a bathroom–which, above all else, can help keep peace in the home! Giving children, teens, and parents dedicated spaces to suit their needs can be instrumental in keeping harmony in your family.

A New Bathroom Addition Means Access to New Trends

Any addition to a home is a blank canvas when it comes to designs and decor. Have you always wanted to try incorporating more eco-friendly building materials in your home? Maybe you’d like to experiment with the clean lines of a floating vanity or a soaking tub. Or, perhaps new smart appliances will catch your eye or you’ll discover a love for metallic, mosaic tiles. A bathroom addition is a great bite-sized opportunity to get a taste of new trends.

Cost of a Bathroom Addition

Bathroom additions are an investment that pays off.  First and foremost, a home with a dysfunctional bathroom causes nothing but frustration for those that use it. The actual costs behind bathroom additions can vary widely, depending on size, design choices, and other factors that can influence prices. Addition costs can be as little as $5,000 to as much as $50,000, so the best way to get an idea of what your specific vision will cost you is to discuss your plans with an architectural firm that can work with your needs.

Drafting Cafe Architects offers many services that can help you estimate the cost of your specific project vision and guide you along the process of design and construction. Of course, it’s always important to keep the benefits of any home addition or renovation in mind when deciding to move forward with a project. The increased functionality of your home and the property value that a renovation can bring is often priceless.


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