Planning Pet-Friendly Design in Your Remodel

Planning a home remodel is a process that requires you to think about every detail of your soon-to-be redesigned spaces. You take every family member’s needs into consideration and work to create a finished home that allows everyone to live together comfortably and happily. But are you keeping the desires of every member of the family in mind? It may be time to start thinking about pet-friendly design.

Pets are often overlooked when home remodels are being planned. But giving the needs of your pet family some consideration in the design process is an essential step in ensuring your home suits your entire family and lifestyle. From cats and dogs to fish and hamsters, every pet deserves a home that works for them.

Why Consider Pet-Friendly Design in Your Remodel

When you think of pet-friendly architecture, doggy doors are probably what comes to mind. And they’re a great example of pet-friendly design: they’re a built-in architectural feature that makes life easier for pets and pet owners alike. Pet-friendly design is intended to do just that. It provides freedom and care for both you and your animals, serving your family’s unique needs with equally unique solutions.

A home remodel is intended to tailor existing spaces to your family’s lifestyle. If that lifestyle includes caring for animal companions, it seems only right your remodel plans make caring for them easier. This will enable you to spend less time feeding, bathing, and cleaning up after pets, and allow you to instead spend more quality time with them and the rest of your family.

What Makes for a Pet-Friendly Design?

The principles of pet-friendly design include not only making life with animals easier for both you and the pets, but also for your community. Noise restrictions and other guidelines in residential areas can make pet ownership, especially of large dogs, difficult. Pet-friendly design is intended to keep your pets happy in order to keep them occupied and content.

Pet-friendly architecture also encompasses material selection, with easy-to-clean floors and walls. You probably already know carpets and housetraining dogs aren’t a great combination. For cats, pet-friendly design can mean keeping indoor pets entertained with places to perch and view their surroundings. Keeping them occupied with dedicated design features means that they won’t be getting into as much mischief.

Start with Pet-Friendly Material Selections

Choosing pet-friendly materials doesn’t just mean easy-to-clean floors. It’s important to keep all surfaces in mind, including cabinetry, railings, and more. Durable and accessible materials can be implemented into almost every aspect of your home renovation that, with a little design creativity, can add unique touches to a room that guests won’t even guess are present to accommodate your animals’ needs.

Wood-look vinyl flooring is a functional, great-looking material that’s easy to clean. It also resists the scratching and scuffing that true wooden floors can be prone to. Tile can also be a good bet but beware of light-colored grouts that can become stained or discolored easily. For modern designs, concrete can be an affordable and sleek option for bathrooms, mudrooms, or even kitchen spaces.

Cabinetry made of wood is beautiful, but pet owners may find themselves frustrated with their pets’ desire to chew or scratch at the material. You can choose more durable cabinetry materials like plastics or metals. Or instead, keep pets out of these areas and any other rooms you don’t want them in. Pocket-style pet gates are unobtrusive options that keep pets contained. Remember, boundaries are just as much for the joy of your pets as they are for your peace of mind!

Pet-Friendly Design for Your Bathroom Remodel

Creating a pet-friendly bathroom remodel doesn’t mean sacrificing the bathroom design trends you love. A space that functions for your family, including your furry friends, can be beautiful and tailored to the unique requirements of pet ownership.

Let’s be real: nobody looks forward to giving the family dog a bath. But pet-friendly architecture can make the job easier, and maybe even an enjoyable experience for both you and your pet. Detachable spray hoses in the shower make pet bathing a breeze. Plus, their multi-functionality makes them great for bathing young children or cleaning large items in the bathroom.

Ideas for a Pet-Friendly Kitchen

Creating a built-in feeding nook in the kitchen cupboard space can be a great option when designing a pet-friendly kitchen. It keeps food bowls tucked away, preventing trips and spills. Also, consider a custom cabinet designated for storing or serving pet food. A pull-out drawer with bins and scoops makes it easy to refill the containers, and also makes it easier for younger family members to help out with pet care.

A pet-friendly kitchen can still work in current trends or design features you’ve always loved. Alternatively, using more durable materials that are easy to clean can open your eyes to unique aesthetics that you may not otherwise have considered.

Get Creative with Pet-Friendly Built-ins

Pet-friendly built-in design features may not sound like a beautiful aesthetic element you want in your home. However, built-ins designed for animals can be unobtrusive and create an intriguing design choice for your home.

A sound-proofed kennel can be great for families with dogs that love to bark and can help keep peace with close neighbors. Plus, it can also provide a comfortable place for pets to relax during fireworks or construction projects that may disturb them. For households with feline members, cat shelves can keep indoor cats occupied by providing raised play areas that lead to wide window sills to survey their surroundings. And a built-in nook for a fish tank provides a sturdy resting place for an aquarium that holds all of your finned friends.

Design an Animal Mudroom

For those looking to provide their pets with ultimate luxury treatment, why not give them a room all their own? A mudroom dedicated specifically to your pets creates a specially designed space for feeding and bathing your pet. Plus, it creates an organized space for all of their toys, leashes, collars, and other belongings. Further, this addition is great for families with dogs who need to be cleaned up before being allowed back into the rest of your home after a day out.

Pet-Friendly Design Makes Sense for any Pet Owner

Above all, considering pet-friendly design choices when remodeling your home is a great choice for any pet owner. Not only will pet care be easier, but it also improves their quality of life. Don’t forget to take your pet’s needs into consideration when planning your project, and they’ll be sure to thank you.


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