Chic Restaurant Design Inspiration You’ll Love For Your Home Remodel

If you’re looking for new and different design inspiration you likely won’t find in traditional home renovation magazines, check out how restaurant remodel designers are renovating their spaces.

Why Choose Restaurant Remodel Ideas for Home Design Inspiration?

Today’s restaurants are striving to create more unique atmospheres for diners and are using eclectic design inspiration to achieve gorgeous, functional spaces. You can borrow these ideas for your own home remodel to create stunning living, bathroom, and kitchen areas that not only fit your lifestyle needs but also take your home design up several notches.

Three San Francisco Restaurant Design Inspiration Favorites

Here are our top three favorite San Francisco restaurant atmospheres and how you can take design inspiration from each:

1. Foreign Cinema  

Foreign Cinema serves up delectable fare in a unique indoor – outdoor space that screens foreign films on a projector as patrons dine. Borrow this idea for your own patio. For example, you can set up a projector to display on a wall or fence and arranging a comfortable outdoor seating area around it.

2. Harris’ Restaurant 

Harris’ Restaurant has an old speakeasy feel and makes the most of ornately upholstered furniture, plush carpeting, and antique chandeliers. Then, deep wood paneled accent walls complete a classic look that you can easily adapt to a den, living room, or finished basement.

3. Villon in the Proper Hotel 

Perhaps the most stunning feature of Villon’s restaurant design is its library-like bar, with shelves of liquor accessible only via a horizontally sliding ladder. Borrow this idea to create a functional accent wall in your home. Fill it with shelves for books, plates and cups, or, if you like to entertain, liquor. Elevate the design by adding unique lighting.

The Restaurant Flooring and Wall Trends to Replicate In Your Home Design

Walls and flooring are easily two of the most noticeable things in your home. Remodeling these can instantly change the entire look and vibe of your space, even if you were to make no other changes. Here are some top flooring and wall ideas to borrow from San Francisco’s popular restaurants.

Unconventional Restaurant Flooring Ideas to Use In Your Home

  • Concrete: Polished concrete floors are inexpensive and ultra-durable. You can leave them as-is or cover them with a beautiful layer of custom epoxy. 
  • Cork: Cork flooring is cost-effective, environmentally friendly, and trendy. Consider cork flooring in your bathrooms, kitchen, or a wine cellar if you have one. 
  • Stone: Stone looks high-end and is both durable and long-lasting. 
  • Epoxy: Epoxy is a hard resin material that is poured over a concrete floor. You can completely customize the look of epoxy with different colors, glitters, metallics, and marble swirl patterns.

Unique Wall Materials for Kitchens, Bathrooms, Living Rooms, & More

  • Brick: Brick gives a rustic, cozy look to living rooms, dens, and bedrooms, especially when used as an accent wall or combined with a fireplace. 
  • Tile: Floor-to-ceiling tile accent walls can be a lot of fun when you use decorative porcelain or ceramic tiles. 
  • Bamboo: Bamboo walls are eco-friendly and can be put up in an old-fashioned wood-paneled design, or cut into smaller pieces and arranged in a mosaic. 
  • Sheet metal: Corrugated metal panels or stamped metal tiles can be used in both farm-style and modern houses to make a statement. Sheet metal walls also look great paired with brick.

What Window Trends Should End Up in Your Home Remodel?

Consider these window trends from top San Francisco restaurants to add function and aesthetics to your home renovation: 

  • Stained glass windows 
  • Floor-to-ceiling glass windows 
  • Skylights 
  • Plant-covered windows 
  • Interior windows to separate living spaces

How to Apply Restaurant Design Inspiration to Your Renovation

Here are some more ideas you can use to apply innovative restaurant design inspiration to your California home remodel. 

  • In the kitchen: Opt for a chef’s stove with an extra-large ventilation hood, plenty of counters and cabinet space, and an island with a sink. You can also add a bar area where people can sit and face the kitchen to facilitate easy entertaining. 
  • For living and lounge areas: Low lighting, fireplaces or indoor fire pits, opulent leather sofas, and tabletop space can transform your living and lounge areas. You can easily create a prohibition-era speakeasy-style gathering place for family or guests.  
  • In outdoor gathering spaces: Use quaint outdoor lighting like torches, string lights, or paper lanterns to make a cozy space that can be enjoyed on warm California evenings. 
  • For bathrooms: Choose unconventional or unique sinks and faucets. Make it a quirky space with fun lighting and lots to look at. 

The possibilities are truly endless when you choose to incorporate restaurant design inspiration into your home remodel!


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