Beautiful Home Library Remodel Ideas You Want in Your Home

A home library is pretty typical for people who love books, but this past year has opened the doors to a new generation looking to add a library with a home remodel. There’s something special and familiar about curling up on a couch or chair with a good book. It’s the perfect way to connect on a deeper level with another place in time, which may be exactly what a lot of people need right now.

Libraries are special. For homes that want dedicated or multipurpose spaces, a home library remodel may be in order, especially with so many people working from home. To start, here are a few considerations when creating a unique home library:


Every space in the home has a purpose, whether it’s initially realized or not. The library may have more than one, so creating a plan according to your needs makes sense. For some, it will be an extension of a home office or will serve as a place where homeschooling or afterschool work takes place. For others, it could be a retreat where books are the main attraction. Interestingly, studies have shown that children growing up in a home with a library of more than 80 books helps with literacy, promotes reading and other skills, and helps in seeking knowledge as an adult. Thus, whatever your purpose, a home library is quite simply a good idea.


If you’re a bibliophile, walls and walls of books could be expected. While expectations may be high, understanding the amount of space you have and putting it to the best use is key. If the room is solely dedicated to being a library, it will look a lot different than multipurpose spaces. Consider the number of books being stored – will this be the one place where books will reside in the home or are there other spaces where books will be displayed? Will you have 100 books, or 1000? These variables play a huge role in the design, setup, furniture, and accessories.


What elements do you need to make your library unique? Do you need a few nooks? What about a fireplace? Window seat? Most libraries have a desk where someone can work or do research, and then there are some that incorporate indoor/outdoor transitions. Knowing your needs and style makes a difference when deciding on the elements needed to make this a place you enjoy.

We’ve put together a few unique home library ideas to give you inspiration.

1. Try Built-in Seating

Comfort is a rule of thumb when you’re immersing yourself in a book. A reading nook built into the shelving saves space while providing the perfect place to relax. This can be especially great if you’re working with remodeling a multi-purpose space.

2. Slip in Secret Doors

Creating additional spaces within a room adds intrigue and convenience. Consider a closet door that resembles a bookshelf to create a cute study nook or private space. In multipurpose spaces, this hides the space from everyone else while serving additional purposes. For homes with small children, it gives them a space they can call their own or can serve as an out-of-the-way office for mom or dad. It’s a great way to take advantage of the unexpected.

3. Check Out Themed Walls

Smaller spaces may need a little help in creating the aesthetic you want. Choosing to use a themed wallpaper of books adds quirkiness. Or if you go with a mural it helps create a fun atmosphere to engage in conversation.

4. Employ Unique Architecture

A great architectural team can give you guidance on how best to utilize your space while helping you add unique touches. This could be a customized shape, accents throughout the room that can be filled with books, or novel appeals like curved ceilings, zig-zagged, or triangular walls.

5. Embrace Scenery

Adding green space to your library creates a calm aesthetic that helps bring the pages of your books to life. Imagine a wall of windows or a library directly off a terrace where the outside can come in. You can also use bamboo flooring, textured walls, lighting, and lots of plants to create an outside effect.

6. Play with Mirrors

One of the best modern library tricks for smaller spaces is to mirror the ceiling. It adds dimension, depth, and provides the illusion of the space being a lot larger than it is.

Create a Home Library Dream World

A home library should reflect who you are. It may seem whimsical to say, but a library often represents a very personal space in a home. It’s worth it to take the time to create niche spaces that enhance and make the best use of the space you have. Your home library remodel really can bring your thoughts and personalized style to life


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