The 5 Most Important Interior Design Decisions Homeowners Need To Make When Renovating

Designing your home remodel can be both an exciting and stressful process. There are many big interior design decisions to make, many of which can’t be undone later without significant time and expense. Here are 5 of the most important choices you’ll need to make, and we’re not talking about furniture or window treatments.

1. Color Scheme

One of the first decisions you’ll need to make as a homeowner during your home remodel is your intended color scheme. Deciding your color scheme before you make any other interior design choices can help you make sure the finished looks complement one another.

2. Doors and Windows

Doors and windows are both functional and aesthetic. You need to make sure they perform the way you want them to in your space, provide the privacy and comfort level you need, and match your indoor decor. 

  • Will you be adding or removing doors or windows? 
  • What level of privacy do you need from your windows and doors? 
  • Do you want your windows to allow good air flow into your space or provide more insulation against extreme weather? 
  • What kind of trim do you want around your windows, both indoors and out? 

3. Wall and Floor Coverings

Wall and floor coverings are another critically important choice for a home remodel. The flooring and paint or wallpaper you choose will set the stage for the rest of your interior design and, depending on what you decide on, this could make the design process easier or harder. Some questions to ask during this stage of your home renovation

  • Do you want carpets? If so, do you want them only in some rooms, like bedrooms and living areas? Do you want plush carpet or denser, more utilitarian carpeting? 
  • For areas of your home that you don’t want carpeting on, will you be using wood, wood laminate, tile, vinyl, or another type of flooring? Consider the quality and longevity of each material in conjunction with its aesthetic appearance. If you love a vinyl pattern but put it in a high traffic area of your home, it may get worn down very quickly.

For your walls, think about:

  • Whether you want to paint or use wallpaper. Painting can be changed or updated more easily than wallpaper can, and many wallpaper patterns look old or outdated.
  • What texture you want on your walls. Do you want smooth walls or stucco? Glitter in your paint? There are a lot of options to take the wall coverings you decide on a step further.
  • If you want special features. Do you like the idea of wainscoting or crown molding? Do you want to wallpaper half of your walls and paint the other? Or would you prefer to use wallpaper and/or paint combinations to create accent walls? This is your opportunity to create a unique canvas for the rest of your interior design.

4. Fixtures

Fixtures like your lighting, ceiling fans, and even your air duct registers or ductless air conditioners can make an impact on the way your space looks, feels, and performs. Several things to consider before making a decision include: 

  • If you need new fixtures or if you can update or renovate your current fixtures 
  • How much light you want in a room and where you want it located (e.g. overhead or on a side wall) 
  • If you want built-in fans to keep air flowing throughout your home 
  • What style, color, and materials you want to use for your indoor fixtures

5. Appliances

Like your home’s fixtures, your appliances can also make or break your space. For example, a white refrigerator in the kitchen is going to look outdated while a super sleek, black-and-chrome model might not look quite right in a Tuscan-inspired kitchen. When selecting appliances for your home renovation, consider the following: 

  • What appliances you have that can be made over or updated 
  • What appliances you will need to purchase new 
  • What functions you want your appliances to have (e.g. is it more important that they look nice, are energy efficient, or have advanced features?) 
  • How much of your total home renovation budget you will be spending on appliances

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