Who’s Running My Remodel?

A home remodel, no matter the size, can rapidly derail without proper communication. There are a lot of pieces to manage, from contractors, to materials, to budgets, to permits. How can you effectively maintain communication, manage the project, and avoid unnecessary headaches? It is possible to achieve your dream remodel with minimal hassle with a job manager! Here’s a quick look at the role of job supervisor or job manager and what they can do for you.


Job Supervisor Assumptions

Homeowners often have preconceived notions about contractor communications during a remodel. These misconceptions can derail or delay a project.

  • Misconception 1: The contractor will be an effective communicator. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. Talk to any homeowner, and you will probably hear a story or two about miscommunication with a contractor, often with disastrous results. 
  • Misconception 2: A project manager is an unnecessary expense. Actually, an experienced project manager will not only help with communication, but they may also help you save money! An efficiently managed remodel may help save money on materials, and help timely project completion.

Job Supervisor Choices - Pros/Cons

  • Self Management. Many homeowners choose to manage remodels themselves. 
    • Pros: 
      • You are directly involved in the construction process.
      • You can ensure your desires are communicated directly to the contractors.
    • Cons: 
      • Supervising a construction project can be very time-consuming! There are a lot of details to manage. This will take time away from other aspects of your busy life.
      • Unless you have construction experience, it may be difficult to communicate about the more technical aspects of construction.
  • Contractor Assigned. Your contractor may have a job manager on staff.
    • Pros:
      • The job supervisor comes with the construction team, and has a previous relationship with the contractor.
      • With this simple solution, the job manager is already in place.
    • Cons:
      • A contractor assigned job supervisor will tend to be biased towards the contractor, instead of acting as a neutral party. They may not always act in the best interests of the homeowner.
  • Third Party. A third party job supervisor, such as one from your Architect who knows your project from the onset can be invaluable. 
    • Pros:
      • A third party job supervisor will be a neutral point of communication throughout the construction project, and make sure they are working for the homeowner’s best interests.
      • A job manager will save the homeowner from unnecessary, time-consuming details.
      • A job manager may save time and money on the project.
      • A job manager will make sure the project stays on schedule.
    • Cons:
      • There may be extra expenses to hire a job supervisor.

The Role of a Job Supervisor

Create a Construction Schedule. At the very beginning of the project, a project manager will come up with a construction schedule that satisfies both the homeowner and the contractors. There should be a little wiggle room built into the schedule, but it should give you an accurate idea for completion of each step.

Communicate with the Homeowner and the Contractor. This may be the most important part of the job! Contractor communications don’t have to be difficult, but they often are. It takes time to stay in constant communication. An experienced job supervisor will understand how to communicate and when to communicate. They will keep you up to date on your project, and communicate your wishes to the contractor.

Monitor Progress. Let’s face it, almost every remodel is going to have some delays or issues. The job manager can handle the hassle so you don’t have to.

Handle-Day-to-Day Operations. The minutiae of construction can be extremely time consuming. The job manager understands construction. They can take care of tiny details on your behalf, then come to you for the larger questions and decisions.

Manage the Budget. Construction materials can be pricey. They can also be unavailable at inopportune times. The project manager will help find the best materials that fit into your budget for your project. 

A third party project manager, as offered by Drafting Cafe Architects, is a great solution for your remodel!  We offer a team of remodel architects, designers, and project managers, making it easy for you to get exactly what you want without having to deal with frustrating details. Feel free to contact us today to realize your dream remodel!


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