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Why Are Remodeling Bids So Different for the Same Job?

Homeowners are often surprised by wildly differing remodeling bids. After all, it’s the same house, the same job, and the same parameters. However, the contractor bids often come in at dramatically different prices. Why is this? Shouldn’t bids be similar across the board? Not necessarily. We’ll look at some of the factors that influence remodeling bids, and show you how to get the best contractor bids possible for your job.

Factors Influencing Remodeling Bids

There are many reasons why not all contractor bids are created equally. Understanding these factors may help you make an informed, wise decision when it comes time to make a final choice for your home.

Job Requirements

Just because a neighbor paid a certain amount for their kitchen remodel, doesn’t mean that you will get a similar remodeling bid. There are specific requirements for each unique remodeling project. Often, there are issues that may arise during the remodel that will require a specialist, such as an HVAC specialist, or a plumber. A thorough contractor should be able to foresee potential obstacles and create their bid accordingly.

Job Location

Many contractors will factor in job location to their bid. They need to transport supplies and workers to your project. An out-of-town location may add extra cost to your contractor bid.

Contractor Profile

How long has the contractor been in business? Does their company have a physical location to maintain? How many employees do they have? All these factors will affect their company expenses, and, in turn, will affect your bid.

A high-end, established contractor will most likely come in with a higher remodeling bid, than a newer contractor that is attempting to build a business and establish a client base. Keep in mind that experience may come at a price, but is also often worth it.


The number of contractors in your area will affect your remodeling bids. Contractors are aware of their competition and will bid for jobs accordingly. An area with an influx of contractors will see more competitive bids than an area with only a few options available.

Cost of Materials

Unfortunately, contractors and homeowners are at the mercy of material distributors. We’ve experienced shortages and high lumber prices recently. These will affect design choices and prices.

Find out what type of materials the contractor plans to use. High-end, quality materials will come with a higher price tag but maybe worth it, depending on your budget and your goals for your project.

remodeling bids

How to Get Good Remodeling Bids

Don’t settle for the lowest bid. It may be a get-what-you-pay-for scenario, especially if it’s wildly lower than other bids. You can receive quality contractor bids, and make an informed decision for your project.

Communicate Expectations

Never make assumptions. Make sure your expectations and ideas for your home remodel are clearly communicated to the contractor before they start a bid. This will save both of you a lot of frustration.

If you are unsure about your expectations, working with a project manager will help. A project manager understands construction and can skillfully communicate your desires to a contractor.

Get Multiple Bids

It is in your best interest to entertain at least 2-3 bids for your project. Carefully evaluate each bid, based on the factors listed above. Find a bid that aligns with your budget and expectations for the remodel. Check out Nextdoor reviews and comments from neighbors. They tend to be brutally honest about their experiences.

Provide Architectural Plans

It is helpful to you and the contractor if you can provide them with as much information as possible. This includes blueprints, design guides, ideas, and an architectural plan.

remodeling bids

Connect Each Contractor to your Architect

Your architect and contractor should communicate about the project. It is helpful to have architectural plans in place before any remodeling bids come in. The contractor and architect should be able to discuss any obstacles, changes, or challenges within the plan, then present you with options for your best home remodel.

Ask your Project Manager for Help

Your project manager is your right-hand person for your remodeling job. The best project manager is on your team and doesn’t work for the contractor. They can evaluate bids, oversee construction, and ensure clear contractor communication.

At Drafting Cafe, we can help you with the entire process, from remodeling bids to the finished product. Our trusted team of architects, interior designers, and project managers are equipped to make your remodel a success.  Contact us today to get started on your home remodel.


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