Planning Your Kitchen Remodel

The kitchen is often considered the heart of the home. A well functioning, aesthetically pleasing kitchen provides space to cook, entertain, and gather. Planning a kitchen remodel will create a space for your lifestyle. 

There are a lot of elements to evaluate during a kitchen design project. Determine your particular needs at the beginning of the process, create goals for the space, consult a professional, then evaluate your space and your design ideas together. 

Start the Kitchen Remodel Process

A kitchen remodel or redesign project may feel daunting at first. There are a lot of available options for design and details. Seek the help of an architect and designer early in the process. A professional opinion can help guide the process and keep the project on track. 

First, evaluate your goals and needs for the space. 

  • Determine the size of the space available.
  • Figure out a budget and a timeline.
  • Define your lifestyle and needs to ensure that your kitchen meets your needs. 

Decide What to Include in your Kitchen Remodel

- Think About Layout

kitchen remodel

The best kitchen design ideas are usually the most practical. The classic kitchen triangle work space endures because it works. A kitchen triangle revolves around three key points: the sink, the stove/oven, and the refrigerator. Strategic placement of these elements in a triangular shape allows for easy workflow and traffic patterns. An island can play a critical role in the triangular work area of a kitchen layout. It can serve as a pivot point for a series of work triangles. 

Look at traffic patterns in the kitchen. Divide the kitchen into zones to make sure that a person moving through one zone won’t be on a collision course with a person working in a different zone. 

- Evaluate Your Existing Kitchen Space

What do you dislike? What do you like? What features are missing? Determine what caused a desire for a remodeled kitchen in the first place. If you can point to specific flaws or deficiencies, you can form ideas for your new space.

- Find Ideas

What appeals to you in a kitchen? Create a wish list. Start with your goals for the kitchen. Some homeowners desire an expansive kitchen as a gathering place. Others are serious chefs. Yet others want to simplify and streamline their space. 

Once your goals are in place, determine what features are a priority. This is a time to weigh needs versus wants. Make up your mind before the work begins. A mid-project direction change can cost you time and money. 

Decide What to Include in your Kitchen Remodel

It may be simpler to work within the existing kitchen space, but that won’t always be the solution you need. If your goals and desires for your kitchen exceed the current footprint, consider a kitchen expansion. For example, if a large island with space for gathering and entertaining is a priority, make sure your current square footage will have room for an island with plenty of room for a walkway.

Are there adjoining rooms that could be modified to make room for a larger kitchen space? An architect can evaluate the entire space to determine your options. You aren’t necessarily limited by your current home size, either. Consider a kitchen addition for additional square feet. Be sure to check with your city and county on rules and regulations regarding set-backs and additions. 

How a Kitchen Remodel Affects the Adjoining Rooms

A kitchen is only one room in an entire home. Make sure the overall aesthetic of the home is cohesive. A designer can assist in a seamless home design. Evaluate the structure of the home, as well. Removing a wall or rerouting plumbing can have an affect on the other rooms of the house. There’s nothing more disappointing than finishing your kitchen remodel and then all the adjoining rooms look tired and outdated. Plan accordingly. 

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