exterior remodeling for curb appeal

Add Curb Appeal to Your Exterior Remodel

“You never get a second chance to make a great first impression.” – Will Rogers. This is also true for your home’s curb appeal. That first glance at your home will leave a lasting impression. Whether you are selling, renting, or just upgrading, give your home a look to be remembered with an exterior remodel.

Why Does Curb Appeal Matter?

The outside of your house is the part that is visible to the world. Create an outdoor space and aesthetic that appeals to you, and creates a beautiful space in your neighborhood.

We Like Homes with Curb Appeal

Your home is your sanctuary. Maximize your enjoyment in your home, both indoors and outdoors, and create a home that appeals to your family. Outdoor spaces become an extension of your living space. Make the outdoors inviting, comfortable, and functional. 

Also, an attractive exterior makes you a valued neighbor. Not only have you improved the neighbors’ view but also for everyone that drives by.

Curb Appeal Increases Return on Investment (ROI)

An exterior remodel will increase the value of your home over time, even if you do not intend to sell it any time soon. According to a 2021 Cost Versus Value Study in the Pacific Region, 12 of the top 22 renovation projects with the highest ROI are exterior improvements. In fact, the top two exterior remodeling projects are a garage door replacement and adding manufactured stone veneer. Other exterior projects with a high ROI include fresh exterior paint, new siding, and an updated front door. 

Curb Appeal Ideas to Discuss with your Designer

A solid design plan is always the best place to start for any home renovation project. Depending on your vision, an architectural designer or a landscape architect can assist with your outdoor design and execution. 

Gather ideas and inspiration before you begin your exterior renovation. Go for a drive and take notes when you see a house with an appealing exterior. Look online in order to find an outdoor designer or landscape architect with designs that match your desired aesthetic. Once you have an idea of what you want, and a professional to help you get there, make sure you discuss all aspects of the design.

Lighting Options

Exterior lighting is one of those seemingly minor details that makes a huge difference in your exterior design

Path lighting not only adds an interesting visual element to walkways but is also a safety feature. Add lights to trees and porches for a warm, cozy ambiance. Deck, pergola, and other outdoor lighting illuminate outdoor living spaces. Spotlighting adds upward beams of light to draw attention to landscaping or ornamental features in the yard.

Entertainment Spaces

Outdoor living spaces continue to rise in popularity. In fact, outdoor kitchens and eating areas are a top exterior renovation project with a high ROI. 

In addition to outdoor kitchens and seating areas, outdoor entertainment spaces also often include fireplaces, fire pits, pergolas, arbors, and gazebos. The idea is to create an inviting space with the comforts of indoors and the freedom and carefree attitude of the outdoors.

Hobby Areas

A hobby area can be functional as well as attractive. A garden shed or greenhouse can help expand your gardening. A tool shed or workshop adds storage and ease for woodworking. These projects may not have a high ROI, but they may enhance your enjoyment of your hobby and the outdoors.

exterior remodeling entryway


An entry area is the place to make a great first impression. In fact, simply repainting or replacing the front door can have an ROI of up to 97 percent. An updated garage door also adds value to the home. Add tile floors, or stonework to an outdoor entry to elevate the look.

Driveway Pavers

The driveway is another area that is often neglected, even though it is usually at the front of the house in plain view. Upgrade the driveway from plain cement with driveway pavers. Some homeowners use pavers for the entire driveway, while others use them as a border.

Add Finishing Touches for Best Curb Appeal

Add color and texture with the addition of landscaping. Work with your landscape designer to create an inviting mixture of flowers and plants.

Plant Flowers and Add Planters

Planters add height and visual interest to the yard. A skilled landscape architect will make sure that you have plants and flowers that thrive in your area to create a truly beautiful outdoor space.

exterior remodeling raised garden beds

Install a Vegetable Garden

Vegetable gardens are usually relegated out of sight to the backyard. However, they can be an attractive and interesting part of landscape design. Make your yard beautiful and practical with raised beds, or custom garden boxes.

Make the best first impression possible with an exterior remodel. Contact Drafting Cafe Architects to learn more about our services or get a free online instant estimate. Our design experts can assist you with determining which changes to make to your home to boost its curb appeal and maximize your ROI.


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