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Staycation Home Improvement: Bring the Vacation Vibe Home

The term “staycation” grew out of a desire to spend quality time with family without the hassle and expense of travel. Many American families plan all year for a few weeks of relaxation or adventure, only to return to their basic home for the rest of the year. 

You know the feeling. It begins as you check into a hotel after a long day of traveling, order room service for yourself and your family, and go to sleep knowing that you and your family will be exploring a new city, resort destination, or exotic location the next day. Ahh. 

Replicating the vibe of your vacation when you get home doesn’t need to be difficult. When remodeling, consider the things that made your vacation feel so relaxing and incorporate them into your plans. Was it the lanai where you had your coffee in the morning, the cool tile floor that captured sand from your kid’s feet, or the decorative iron railings on your stairs? 

Don’t just visit these feelings a few times a year. Bring them home so every day feels like a staycation! 

Steps to a Staycation Remodel

If you have already been thinking of remodeling, with some imagination and help from a cooperative interior designer, you can incorporate the details that made your vacation feel special.

Determine Your Priorities

staycation breakfast room

Make your breakfast room a summer oasis, for example. What changes would you make? Changing small windows to French doors leading to a shaded patio will allow you to enjoy your coffee and newspaper al fresco.

Project Preparation

Timing is everything in today’s busy home improvement market. Working with an architect and interior designer early may seem premature to some people. However, with supply chain and staffing challenges, getting expert help to navigate the process will save you design iterations and headaches. After all, you are trying to create a zen experience at home. Why add stress while planning?

Don't Overestimate Your Skills Or Resources

Almost every homeowner thinks they can do some of the work to save money. Think about your skills and budget. The reality is that your cousin, who said he’d help with your demolition, will have a conflict when you need him or will need to leave by 2 pm for his kid’s baseball game. Counting on friends while meeting your contractor’s deadlines is stressful. How much money would you really be saving? Do the math and book yourself that tee time. Sometimes the best way to help your contractor is by staying out of the way.

Remember Adjacent Rooms

When you update one room significantly, the room next to it can appear shabby and outdated. If you can set aside money in your budget to at least repaint and add some new decor to the adjacent rooms, they won’t feel so blah after your remodel.

Outdoor Rooms

To get that resort vibe year-round, add an outdoor room that’s luxurious and comfortable. Your yard’s size doesn’t really matter. You can build your own resort-style paradise with a pergola, fire pit, screened porch, hot tub, or an outdoor kitchen and bar. Well-designed outdoor spaces maximize enjoyment.

Tone-Setting Lighting

staycation tone setting lighting

Ever notice the glow of resorts? It’s all planned with layers of lighting and dramatic, well-placed fixtures. You can do the same if you plan ahead. Bring your inspirational photos to your design meetings so your architect can integrate this into the electrical plan. Be aware that it’s not uncommon for existing electrical circuits to need an upgrade when you remodel to accommodate additional lighting and appliances. This is why DIY is a don’t!

Staycation Play Bed

staycation play bed

Your kids will never give you trouble with bedtime again if you build them a resort-inspired playbed. Not only are these built-ins fun, but they are space savers too. As your kids grow older, they can be adjusted for privacy and converted into guest spaces for many visitors.

Staycation Spa Bathrooms

By stealing design ideas from resort bathrooms, you can bring home the serene atmosphere of the spa. Smart, hidden storage, minimal design, and updated fixtures are key components of this style. You can integrate a wet room design. Think floor-to-ceiling tiles, built-in seating, and hidden pipework.

Our hectic work schedules and the responsibilities we face every day are temporarily put on hold when we go on vacation. A “staycation renovation” can pave the way for years of enjoyable family time spent at home. Pull out your photo albums and look for inspiration from your favorite locations.


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