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Luxury Bathroom Remodel Trends for 2022

Luxury bathroom ideas will make your space more opulent. There are a lot of different luxury bathroom ideas for every taste, from colors and materials to fixtures and finishes. These ideas can be used to update your master bathroom, upgrade a shower room, or turn unused space into a spa-like ensuite.

Our top picks of the best luxury bathroom ideas will provide you with plenty of inspiration to help you create your dream bathroom.

Toilet with a Bidet

luxury bathroom ideas toilet bidet

Bidets are a common fixture in homes and hotels throughout Europe, Latin America, East Asia, and many other parts of the world. In the United States, this fixture is becoming very popular and trendy.

Heated Floor Tile

No one likes the feel of cold tile floors, especially on frosty winter mornings. Start your day on the right (warm) foot by installing tile floor heating.

Tile and stone are the most functional and energy-efficient flooring to use with underfloor heating since they heat up quickly and retain heat longer. Underfloor heating is especially good for bathrooms, kitchens, entryways, and mudrooms since these are the rooms where you are most likely to be barefoot.

Curbless Shower System

luxury bathroom ideas curbless shower

Open-concept bathrooms are popular because they look nice and are very practical. Even though curbless showers are great for all stages of a growing family, they are especially good for people who want to age in place. The lack of a threshold or curb opens up the shower area to the rest of the bathroom, making the whole room easier to clean and maintain. Curbless showers let you create a spa-like retreat with built-in seats and benches, inset shelves and niches, low-profile linear drains, heated floors, and even steam showers. 

LED Shower Light

You don’t need to limit lighting to dry areas anymore. LED lights are being used in the shower to add to the style of the room. There are shower heads that have LED included.

luxury bathroom ideas LED shower light

Soundproof Bathroom

The best time to soundproof your bathroom is when you’re remodeling.  However, simple sound control doesn’t necessarily require a gut to the studs remodel. You have a variety of options that you can incorporate during construction that are effective, inconspicuous, and affordable.

Modern Shower Drain Grates

Linear drains add a touch of elegance and make it possible to have floors with only one slope and large tiles that go from the floor all the way up to the shower or wet part of the bath. Shower curbs and doors can be taken away, giving people with limited mobility or people who want to age in place more freedom and security.

Glass Mosaic Tiles

Available in a variety of iridescent, pearlescent, and reflective styles, glass mosaic tiles are an effective way to add dramatic luster to your room’s decor. Popular in backsplashes, kitchens, and bathrooms, glass surfaces beautifully reflect light to make your space feel larger and more welcoming. Choose from a multitude of colors, shapes, and patterns to add a fun border design or create an eye-catching focal point.

If you want an elegant master bath, consider all of the elements. You can incorporate some or all of these into your remodeling plans. And be sure to mention all the unique trends you want to your architect.


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