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DIY Remodeling Projects That Are Most Likely to Fail

With interest rates rising and inflation looming, many homeowners think DIY remodeling is a great way to save money. Unfortunately, the majority of home improvement projects that are carried out by the homeowners themselves do not go as smoothly as planned.

The results of a survey conducted by ImproveNet among 2,000 people living in the United States who had attempted at least one do-it-yourself project found that 63% of respondents had experienced regret regarding at least one of their projects.

How Did Your DIY Remodeling Project Fail?

DIY remodeling project fail

According to the results of the survey, 56% of respondents chose to complete a project on their own in order to save money, while 10% chose to complete a home improvement project in order to “make sure it’s done right.” In the survey, the participants had the expectation that they would save at least 60% of the amount that they would have paid a professional; however, one out of every three participants needed to call in a professional to fix their botched work.

A little less than half of those who participated in the survey said that the home improvement projects took longer than expected, were physically more difficult than expected, or were technically more difficult than expected. Almost one in five homeowners reported that the project came in at a higher cost than expected, and the average cost of a DIY project that went over budget was found to be twice as much as the original estimate. ImproveNet also discovered that homeowners spent an average of 22 additional hours on projects that took longer than expected to complete.

How Did Your DIY Remodel Disappoint?

Over half of homeowners who were unhappy with the results of their projects said the finished product didn’t look good (55%), and nearly a quarter said the project didn’t function well (24%), or didn’t last over time (21 percent ). Homeowners who have worked on home improvement projects said that they spent an average of six hours researching their project. The vast majority of homeowners used YouTube videos or websites specializing in home improvement as guides.

Most Common DIY Remodeling Projects

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Homeowners attempted interior painting projects, floor tile installations, fixture installations in the kitchen and bathroom, and installations of hardwood floors were the most frequently DIY of all home improvement projects. Floor tile installations, ceiling replacements, projects involving hardwood floor refinishing, carpet installations, and basement finishing projects were the DIY remodeling projects that homeowners most frequently expressed regret about.

Forty percent of respondents stated that they were sorry they had completed floor projects, while nearly a third (35 percent) said they were sorry they had completed room additions or expansions. Thirty percent said they regret trying to DIY wall and ceiling projects, and 20% said they regretted cabinet and counter projects. Repairs to the home’s foundation were most likely to run over budget, cause damage to the property, and take significantly longer than anticipated. Electrical work and the installation of backsplashes were cited by homeowners as two types of projects that proved to be more technically challenging than originally anticipated.

When a DIY Remodel Needs an Architectural Repair

Don’t be embarrassed to seek help. Architects are often called in after DIY remodeling projects go wrong. We’ve seen all sorts of work in need of a professional plan. We are happy to help you realize your original dream and integrate the repairs into your plan. Once completed, these unfortunate projects will be in the past.


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