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Gorgeous Laundry Room Designs That Make You Want to Do Laundry

Many homes in the Bay Area have small, cramped, outdated laundry rooms that are difficult to use or are too small for newer appliances. With one of these dream laundry room designs, you can say goodbye to dreading laundry. In this frequently used room, both style and function are possible. 

Examine Your Existing Laundry Room Design

Is your current laundry room in an appropriate location for your needs? Laundry facilities should be convenient and centrally located. Many homeowners prefer to have their laundry room close to their bedrooms or kitchen. 

The existing laundry area in older homes is often not designed for modern, energy-efficient machines. In order to safely power the washer and dryer, the wires and breakers may need to be updated. Plumbing is sometimes out of date as well.

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Create a Unique Laundry Room Design

Laundry may be tedious, but your laundry room does not have to be. This space can be functional and appealing with custom touches, high-end appliances, beautiful cabinetry, tile, and countertops. Here are some inventive ways to incorporate your laundry room into your home.

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Office/Hidden Laundry Room Combination

Custom cabinetry hides the more unsightly aspects of the laundry behind beautiful doors, increasing the space’s function as a home office. 

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Behind Decorative Doors

If you are limited on space, consider concealing the laundry room behind some decorative or sliding doors. This conceals the room while still providing convenience and easy access. 

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Mudroom Expansion

Laundry facilities are a natural fit in a mudroom, especially for a family. Consider creating a personal storage area in the laundry and mudroom area for each family member (including pets) for easy organization.

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In-Closet Laundry Rooms

The most logical place for a laundry room is the closet. Adding a second pair of smaller appliances in your master bedroom closet is becoming more common as homes are being remodeled for comfort and aging-in-place.

When space is at a premium, the best location for the washer and dryer is inside a closet. However, this does not preclude you from having a lovely, functional laundry room. 

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Laundry Rooms for Large Families

Laundry facilities for large families should have plenty of counter space, an island, cabinets, and space for all of the family’s laundry needs. If your family does a lot of laundry every week, consider installing multiple machines.

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Recommendations for Laundry Room Design

When creating your design, keep nearby rooms in mind. Keep your design style consistent throughout the house by using it for countertops, flooring, and cabinets

Laundry rooms require special plumbing and electrical requirements. Plan relocation as early as possible in the architectural design process. Consult an electrician and a plumber to ensure that your home’s wiring and plumbing are up to code and capable of supporting the new laundry room design. 

Above all, consider your family’s needs. Make sure the laundry room is easy and convenient for all family members.

Drafting Cafe Architects can assist you in designing your dream laundry room from beginning to end, regardless of location or design. Contact us today to begin working with our team of architects, engineers, project managers, and interior designers on your innovative laundry room design. 


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