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Must-Have Design for the Perfect Family Home

You have been there: invited over to someone’s house for dinner, school meeting, or party and it all just flows. The perfect family home isn’t magic. These homeowners planned their remodel around their family and lifestyle. 

Here are some key things to include in your home remodel that your family will love.

Sufficient Storage

home storage

Clutter, chaos, and disarray can result from a lack of storage space as you navigate toys, school bags and books, sporting equipment, and everything else that comes with family life.

Practical storage creates organizational systems, prevents clutter from accumulating on surfaces, and in corners. It’s essential for keeping a sense of calm in the home. A built-in buffet can provide useful storage in a dining or living room.

Consider investing in custom cabinetry with a mix of enclosed storage and open shelving in your living room. You may exhibit all of your favorite items here while adding a seamless finish that complements the rest of your home.

Growth Plan

perfect family home growth

Children develop into full-grown adults. Consider how spaces will be used in the future when designing a remodel or new build with small children.

When the kids outgrow the single bed and there isn’t enough room to fit in a queen bed these rooms become an issue. Planning for the future now will save you teenage drama (well some) later.

Walk-In Pantry


A walk-in pantry is an absolute necessity in the kitchen of a busy family home. With more remodels featuring open-plan living areas, the kitchen takes center stage. It can keep your kitchen neat by storing all of your small appliances and serving as extra food preparation space when entertaining.

Consider a sink, dishwasher drawer or complete dishwasher, as well as lots of open and closed storage in the area visible from the open door. Drawers for storing food items are essential. They keep everything neatly packed away and objects are quick to retrieve, which is especially useful when you’re in a hurry.

A walk-in pantry is no longer merely for food storage. When entertaining, it’s a place to prepare drinks, snacks, and store items for the next course. Include counter space for food preparation.


perfect family home lighting

Everything from a home’s design, atmosphere, and functionality to its internal temperature is affected by light. The amount and quality of light we receive in our living areas, like the weather, influences our mood. Paint finishes and color selections, in conjunction with lighting, are critical to enhancing the light and mood of a room.

There is so much to consider when it comes to lighting that it is smart to consult an interior designer or lighting designer. This should preferably be done prior to construction, at the same time as your architectural designs, to enable for all essential wiring to be roughed in, switch points to be considered, and light fixtures to be planned.

Your designer will be able to incorporate room orientation, window and skylight sizes to determine how much lighting you need in a room, the quality of light (warm or cool), and how to add special lighting for unique purposes.

Space Design

perfect family home dining room

The living or family room is one of the most significant places in a family home because it is where everyone gathers and where many different activities take place. Space planning is essential. It assists you in determining exactly what furniture you will require and which sizes and forms would perform best in the space.

Consider what you and your family do there, and make sure there is enough acceptable seating and surface area to set a plate, a stack of books, or a drink down.

Multipurpose Rooms

perfect family home multipurpose room

The lockdown taught us that multipurpose rooms are no longer an option in our homes. Zoned rooms and spaces that may be used for several functions are crucial in a family home. 

During the holiday season, we need these rooms for different purposes than we did during the lockdown. Before, we worked/studied from home on the dining room table. Well, that table needs to host big family celebrations. 

When planning a remodel, think about these rooms. Is a second living room where adults can retire in the evenings needed?  Or a teen retreat where your child can hang out with their friends and play games, but which can also be turned off and utilized as a quiet study room at other times. Does your guest room serve as a hobby room?

The more you plan for these activities in the early stages, the more seamlessly they will integrate and transition when needed.

Get the Perfect Family Home!

With some intelligent planning, you can remodel your home into a place that will evolve and grow with your family’s needs. Drafting Cafe Architects has helped hundreds of local homeowners with their designs and transformed their homes. When you are ready, tell us about your project ideas. We always have time to give you an estimate and information.


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