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Family Friendly Kitchen Design Ideas

Kitchen design is often created without consideration for the people living there. You inherit the kitchen that the previous owner or builder designed. Here are some design tips for a family friendly kitchen that everyone can enjoy.

Refrigerators and Freezers

family friendly kitchen fridge and freezer

Because large families require a lot of food and storage space, an American-style fridge-freezer is required. (Appliance companies sell different types of refrigerators for different countries to fit their space requirements.)

Most modern models have generous storage capacities and clever food preservation technology to reduce food waste.

From double-door, side-by-side models to French-door models with two fridges and a huge freezer drawer, American fridge-freezers have evolved.

A four-door variant with no central pillar is great for large dishes and platters, not to mention the water and ice dispensers for both children and adults. Slimline variants are suitable for smaller kitchens.

Tough Countertops

family friendly kitchen counter tops

There are numerous countertop material options. Natural stone is one-of-a-kind and comes in a variety of gorgeous colors and patterns. It is pricey and requires upkeep, making it unsuitable for a family kitchen.

Quartz and laminate are less expensive, long-lasting, and low-maintenance alternatives. They are available in a range of colors, styles, and textures, such as concrete and metal. They might have the appearance of marble or granite. They are heat-resistant and don’t absorb liquids, making them suitable anywhere in your home.

Faucets That Save Time

family friendly kitchen faucets

Anyone designing a new kitchen should consider a boiling water faucet. It is perfect for busy families, and it saves water.  

A boiling water tap instantaneously dispenses 98–100°C water, removing the need for a kettle to heat water for hot drinks or cooking vegetables or pasta. Many models come with chilled, filtered water, so you don’t have to keep plastic bottles in the fridge that are bad for the environment.

To prevent accidents, most hot water taps incorporate a safety lock, making them suitable for a family friendly kitchen. They come with a tank, so make sure there’s enough space in the cabinet below.

Kitchen Island

family friendly kitchen kitchen island

A kitchen island helps promote conversation by removing walls and providing large workspaces and seating. It’s a fantastic location for the entire family to congregate, cook, and clean up.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, make sure there is enough prep space and seating for the entire family. It’s a perfect spot for the kids to do homework and catch up at the end of the day while you cook.

It’s ideal for storing larger cookware or an under-counter beverage refrigerator. Allow enough space for electrics and plumbing if you want a sink or cooktop, and make sure you can move freely and open cupboard doors.


family friendly kitchen pantry

Every remodel that wants a family-friendly kitchen needs a pantry or larder. They conceal kitchen clutter and tuck away items that traditionally take up your valuable cabinet space. 

It can double as a breakfast station for your kettle, toaster, and coffee maker, saving up kitchen counter space.

Simplified Storage

family friendly kitchen storage

Storage is always a challenge in a tiny kitchen, but there are inventive solutions.

Small appliances, crockery, and food tins are stored in corner carousels. Tall pull-out cabinets are ideal for storing dry goods, cereal, tins, and jars if you don’t have room for a pantry.

Under-counter pull-out units can be placed close to the oven or at the end of a run to replace unused space. Using slide-out vegetable baskets might help you save room.

To display your china, consider a few glass-doored upper cabinets. Or, add shelves above your refrigerator for cookbooks and other objects.

Clever Colors

family friendly kitchen colors

While white and pale wood kitchen cabinets remain popular, more color is on the rise. Dark kitchens can conceal signs of household wear and tear. 

If you’re concerned that the color of the cabinets will be too much commitment, paint the walls, use vivid tiles as a backsplash, or install flooring with bold patterns and tones. 

If you like neutral tones, you can use accessories to bring in color.

Planning Your Family Friendly Kitchen

When you sit down with your architect for the first time, share all these desired features so they can design your ideal kitchen. Architects add value by turning your ideas into a space that works and meets the building codes in your county. 

At Drafting Cafe Architects, we have designed many gorgeous kitchens and can share what we’ve learned along the way. Sometimes, our clients embrace ideas from another kitchen design we’ve done. It’s a fun, collaborative process that will get you the family friendly kitchen you really want. Call us today for a free consultation.


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