Whether you are adding on a new room, an entire story, or hoping to utilize space below grade with a basement excavation, our team can help you determine the best way to expand. We will work with you to determine what’s the best path given your city’s requirements and county’s building codes. We have worked in most cities in the Bay Area and can help advise you during the architectural design process and engage with structural engineers to assure the safety of your structure. Sometimes what seems easy to the homeowner can be structurally challenging (or expensive) to do here in earthquake country.

Integrating your new space into your current home in a seamless build is important and we will provide you with honest advice on what you can expect. Our interior designers can help you determine practical materials and beautiful finishes that blend with the rest of your home.

Trust our team to expand your home in a functional and safe manner while providing the style and features you are looking for.