ADU House Plans and Services

ADUs offer an endless array of living options; whether you are looking for a rental unit that generates passive income, more room for an aging family member, or a secluded studio/work space, Drafting Cafe Architects has solutions from affordable, pre-designed packages to fully custom designs created specifically for your needs.

California and Washington have both relaxed zoning regulations on building ADUs. There has never been a better time to build an additional unit on your property. Our staff can provide you with a preliminary zoning review of your property to determine if an ADU house plans are feasible.

“Drafting cafe architects helped me with my ADU project and I can't begin to express how happy I am with their service! They were always quick to respond and even guided me through the plan submission process! They made adjustments to the plans as needed without ever hinting at any sort of inconvenience even though they were busy! Michael and Jennifer are the best and I would absolutely recommend them! Thank you guys for making this process so seemless for someone like me who felt so out of my depth!”
“Ethan and his team designed the master bedroom/bathroom addition to our house in Berkeley. He was very responsive, helped us talk through our options, and got us everything we needed on schedule. All of our construction passed through the permitting process without a hitch and we are very happy with how everything turned out. Highly recommend!”

ADU Plans and Services FAQs

Our pre-designed packages are approximately ½ of the cost of custom. It also takes more time for a custom design to be generated.

We handle the permitting of the pre-designed ADUs, while it is an optional hourly service for custom designs. We do not handle the construction, though we have contractors to whom we are happy to refer you.

The price fluctuates over time and varies per location. Contact us for more information on the cost of construction.

Permitting for the pre-designed ADUs can start about 4 weeks after you choose your package (we still need to prepare a site plan and design the foundation for the conditions on your property). Custom ADU designs can take 8-10 weeks. On average, construction can take around 8 months.

It depends on your lot and the zoning in your neighborhood. Because California has loosened regulations for ADUs, it’s likely the neighbors do not need to approve.  We’d be happy to research this further for you.

Pre-Designed ADU Packages and Projects

Drafting Cafe’s pre-designed ADUs provide homeowners with the simplest turn-key approach to developing an (ADU) Accessory Dwelling Unit house plans. Pricing, timeline, and all interior and exterior specifications will be professionally managed from start to finish.

In terms of style, Drafting Cafe Architects will provide 2 additional exterior finish options to choose from – Modern and Farmhouse. As a bonus, Drafting Cafe Architects includes 3 “on-trend” interior finish palettes for homeowners to select materials for the kitchen, bathroom, flooring etc. at no additional cost.

The Macchiato

500 SF Modern style ADU

At 500 square feet, The one-bedroom Macchiato is just enough space to get cozy with the ADU backyard living lifestyle. Its compact footprint will fit on most urban lots. With its stylish yet simple aesthetic, it’s fun and attractive, yet plays nicely with most existing architectural styles. A vaulted ceiling in the living room and kitchen brings in extra light and increases the sense of space. The patio doors expand the living area into the rear yard, making this a larger ADU than it seems on paper.

Everything is efficient in The Macchiato. The relatively square, compact footprint will take up the least amount of a yard in all directions. Cement board siding and standing-seam roofing are cost-effective and long-lasting materials that add to the modern look. The long lifespan of these materials means they will stay out of landfills and reduce the overall environmental impact.

The Medium Roast

750 SF Craftsman style ADU

At 750 square feet, The Medium Roast leaves a lot of yard while maximizing investment. 2 bedrooms and one bath are a perfect match for most renters. The craftsman details make this little backyard bungalow seem like it has always been there. Inside, the modern kitchen and vaulted ceilings throughout the living areas open up the space. Privacy is important inside an outside an ADU. A small hallway conceals the bedroom and bathroom doors, and a small porch recesses the front door for privacy outside.

If we had to choose one word to describe The Medium Roast, it would be Comfortable. We used very prevalent dimensions for the interior spaces that feel very normal and not tight. The exterior materials are horizontal siding with wood shingle details that will feel comfortable to most owners.

The Latte

1,000 SF Farmhouse style ADU

At 1,000 square feet, the name says it all – you get a “Latte” for your money! There are no compromises with the Latte in terms of space. Two bedrooms and a bathroom with a tub, shower, and double vanity make this an ideal choice for a couple looking to rent out their main house and downsize. This farmhouse style ingratiates itself with the land, including charming details such as bracketed posts and gable end rooflines.

The Latte is ADU living without compromise. From the kitchen island to the gracious entryway, this ADU bucks the expectations of what an ADU should be. Even the closets are designed for real world accumulation of stuff. The board and batten siding is a cost-effective and stylish choice, while the front porch offers an opportunity for
semi-private outdoor space.