Services Overview

Choose us for complete design solutions or select our services a-la-carte

Make your project a reality with our team of skilled Bay Area architects. Transparent, communicative, and driven by simplicity, we’re proud to offer all the services you would expect from a professional architect in San Francisco, CA. Choose us for complete design solutions or select our services a-la-carte. We’re flexible and ready to accommodate your requests, no matter what they may be.

“Drafting cafe architects helped me with my ADU project and I can't begin to express how happy I am with their service! They were always quick to respond and even guided me through the plan submission process! They made adjustments to the plans as needed without ever hinting at any sort of inconvenience even though they were busy! Michael and Jennifer are the best and I would absolutely recommend them! Thank you guys for making this process so seemless for someone like me who felt so out of my depth!”
“Ethan and his team designed the master bedroom/bathroom addition to our house in Berkeley. He was very responsive, helped us talk through our options, and got us everything we needed on schedule. All of our construction passed through the permitting process without a hitch and we are very happy with how everything turned out. Highly recommend!”

As-Built Drawings

Although it’s a term used exclusively by architects, As-Built Drawings are an important component in helping you get the design you want. At Drafting Cafe, our team uses sophisticated technology to make sure your As-Built’s capture every detail. From 3D scans to high-end cameras, our technology ensures the final drawings never miss an inch. Our detailed documentation reduces issues during both design and construction, while our fly-through 3D scans also provide our team with the ability to virtually visit your home anytime.

Project Management

Drafting Cafe’s Integrated Project Management approach addresses design, construction, and permitting questions from the very beginning. Projects can derail when these concerns aren’t addressed during the design process. Our approach saves you time and money, all while working towards a buildable design.

Architectural Design

Our Architectural Design services are divided into two phases: Schematic Design and Design Development.

Schematic Design focuses on possibilities. We will present you with floor plans describing the flow of the space, along with ideas for natural lighting, storage, architectural details, etc. It's up to you to tell us what ultimately works best for your lifestyle.

During the Design Development phase, we help further define your project. For additions to your home, we present exterior elevations to show you how the addition looks from the street or backyard. For interior work, we present an electrical plan showing electrical outlets, switch locations, and any new lighting.


At Drafting Cafe, we believe homeowners should have accurate, unbiased information at their fingertips throughout their project. The builder should be independent from the architect, as separate entities and advisors. This provides a homeowner with multiple perspectives during design and the opportunity to compare competitive bids once the design is complete.


A professional build comes with a slew of code requirements and documentation. Our team has developed a proprietary code database, Planchx, to determine what building code requirements will apply to your project. This minimizes project delays, reduces the time spent getting approval for your design, and ensures building code requirements are met.

Material Selection

We’ve learned over the years that many of our clients need assistance when selecting finish materials like cabinets and countertops. To help streamline your project, we involve our Interior Design staff to provide material selections for your project. Our Interior Design staff work closely with you and your Project Manager to craft the perfect aesthetic.

ADU Plans

ADUs offer an endless array of living options; whether you are looking for a rental unit that generates passive income, more room for an aging family member, or a secluded studio/work space, Drafting Cafe Architects has solutions from affordable, pre-designed packages to fully custom designs created specifically for your needs.